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How GiftreteCycle Works

What is GiftreteCycle

GiftreteCycle denotes the services we render.As a brand,we influence recycling of reusable household products with the aim to help the needy, alleviate poverty and halt environmental degradation to a very large extent.GiftreteCycle simply indicates reusing valuable waste.Our website is opened to users to support (post) whatever free valuable items lying fallow as waste which can be reused by recipients who are willing to have them. The system is about give and take without compromise.

Posting of free items requires that both donors and recipients post an item needed or have to give away. Such as Furniture, Clothing, Electrical appliances/Gadgets etc. Provision of detailed description of an item(s) you are giving away or making a request for is required, to enable recipients and donors have a clearer picture of the item(s)

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