Registered Users: 240,459

Giftrete is a sustainability website specialized in reducing household waste with 226,000 registered users worldwide. Our name, Giftrete, is a combination of the words gift plus rete, which means "network" in English.

Giftrete allows our users to easily and simply incorporate on their activities the latest trends in sustainability, such as the UN United Nations SDG Sustainable Development Goals #12 (Responsible Consumption), the 3Rs-Reuse, Reduce and Recycle and circular economy.

Individuals, councils, corporations, agencies and charities benefit of our features to achieve sustainable and measurable waste reduction,

  • Sharing unwanted used goods.
    Both donors and takers post items they need or have to give, free of charge, such as furniture, TVs and clothes.
    Sustainability challenge addressed: 1/3 of items sent to landfills in the UK could be reutilised.

  • Wishlists for new gifts.
    Users create lists with the new gifts they want to receive on occasions, such as holidays, birthdays, weddings, father's and mother's days, and share them with their social network.
    Sustainability challenge addressed: Every year GBP 3 billion in Christmas gifts are wasted in the UK. 
  • Community creation
    Users can create communities in our website, allowing them to use the sharing and wishlist features within a closed group. All it requires is a user, who will be the administrator, and a list of emails to invite. It also allows the use of logos to further customise groups.The ability to create groups and our sharing and wishlist features make Giftrete particularly useful to

    • Sustainability reporting by corporations and councils
      Corporations or council that want to engage its members on sustainability can easily use Giftrete to implement, monitor and measure its impact. Moreover, our team can happily create customised fields and reports for those organisations that want to capture and report ESG Environmental, Social and Governance data.
    • Sustainability education
      Schools and civic centres can use our community, sharing and wishlist features to educate youngsters on the benefits of sustainability.


  • Humanitarian crisis
    Giftrete´s community and sharing features help earthquake, hurricane, flood and fire victims in two ways. Shortly after these events, rescue and emergency teams can post and share their needs, such as bottled water or medicament, in a simple way. During the rebuilding phase, users can post what they need to have normal lives again, such as mattresses or furniture, so that donors can effectively them.
  • White label software
    Charities and other organisations who need to foster waste reduction and responsible consumption among their members can easily incorporate our technology on their websites. That creates immediate positive impact with requiring the heavy expenditure in technology.